Renovation of Residential Buildings Entrusted to Newly-made Company

The executive power of the Gakh region has announced an agreement with LLC Lacin 1970 to repair the roof and facade of the municipal residential buildings №4 and 7 on Samed Vurgun Street.

According to the registry of public procurement, the value of the contract amounted to 102.4 thousand AZN.

The contract was signed on July 13. The company Lacin 1970 was established only recently - on April 18 this year. Thus, an inexperienced company, which has a total capital of 10 AZN, received a large scale contract in the district.

The executive power of Gakh also signed a contract with LLC Qalaca for the repair of the facade of a building on the street S. Vurgun and one building on the street V. Eyvazov. The contract amount is 81.8 thousand manats. With this company the local district structure in 2011-2013 concluded 9 contracts for the renovation of residential buildings and the provision of communal and communication services worth a total of 148.3 thousand manats.

Independent experts point out that, as a rule, government procurement in Azerbaijan is carried out in an opaque form, without providing monitoring media. Contracts are awarded to odd companies that are eliminated after 2-3 years. ------08B

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