Steel Produced Mainly Exported

During 5 months of the current year, the export of ferrous metal produced in Azerbaijan and manufactured out of its products increased in comparison with the previous year by 14.4 times. The analysis shows that the local steel industry has been working mainly for export from the beginning.

According to the State Customs Committee, within five months of Azerbaijan sent abroad 114,500 tons of ferrous metal and products made from it. Of the more detailed three-month export figures, it is clear that Azerbaijan mostly exported semi-finished steel. Iran is the buyer.

It is interesting that, as a result of 14.4 fold increase in export, the revenue in terms of value ($ 39.2 million) increased by only four times. Ferrous metal was exported for only 324.5 dollars per ton. Last year, the metal was sold three times as much for the price $ 1,227.

According to the State Statistics Committee report for the 5 months, 140,600 tons of ferrous metal were produced in the country, and the production has increased by 23.3%. Of these, 87.4 thousand tons were used for the production of building bars. Demand for the rebar production decreased by 30%. Manufacturing of steel pipes for export to Turkmenistan increased 2.12 times (27.4 thousand tons). - 08D--

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