The Regulations for the "e-Government"

Approved by the "Regulations on the portal" e-Government "and measures to increase electronic services.

The Head of State, who signed on the eve of an executive order, ordered the provision of public and governmental institutions via the "single window" in the registration, improving the efficiency of the work done in the sphere of e-services. It includes improvements in the portal "e-government" and the increased use of electronic services by government agencies.

Given the agreed proposals ministry and the State Agency for the provision of services to citizens and social innovation at the President of Azerbaijan, the Cabinet of Ministers is in charge for two months to prepare and submit proposals to the head of state project "State program on expansion of electronic services in government in 2013-2015 and development of "e-government".

During this period, they are to submit proposals for the creation and management of public resources, and information systems, to coordinate them with the decree of the President of Azerbaijan, to coordinate the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers with the Decree, and to coordinate with the head of state a list of information resources and technical requirements for connecting to the portal "e-government".

Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan instructed to ensure the effectiveness of the portal "e-government" and linked to the government to speed up work on the organization of electronic services of central executive bodies and connect them to the portal, and to ensure the efficiency of information exchange between information systems and resources using identification numbers.

Department of Special Communication and Information Security Special State Protection Service of the Azerbaijan Republic to provide government agencies with the necessary telecommunication channels to connect to the portal "e-government" and provide information security portal. - 17D-


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