Geography of electronic services is not enough

The conference: "Enlightenment about electronic government" took place on Wednesday in the Media Center. According to the head of the IRFS, Emin Huseynov, the active work on the  e-government started in  summer of 2012. To train specialists in this area a university on information technologies is being created, and investments are allocated to this area.

An international conference with the participation of representatives of international organizations, scheduled for February 19, and for taking the  Azerbaijani satellite into orbit, will eliminate problems with Internet quality. 

Ilgar Mahmudov , the representative of the State Student Admission Commission, said that the electronic service on students admissions  has been functioning since 2006. In 2006, only 2000 people used, but in the next six years, e-service training covered all institutions.

Currently, the State Commission uses 12 types of electronic services. He also said that in order to prepare students, video lecture will be placed on the Internet, online exams will be conducted, electronic certificates will be issued, and  virtual appeal hearing will be organized. 

Officer of the Electronic Service ASAN, Anar Huseynov, said that this structure started its work about a month ago, and carries 23 types of services. During this time, it turned to 9000 people. So far, the service serves only residents of Nasimi and Narimanov districts of the capital. In the end of the year people from all parts of the capital, and in the future  in Sumgait, can use this service. The  activity of the service is aimed at combating corruption and bribery.

The lawyer Alasgar Mammadli, approve the work done in these areas, and called it enough. Forty state agencies carry about 400 types of electronic services. However, only residents of Baku can use them, but not residents. -05C04- 


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