Transport workers master more than half of the allocated funds

In the first half of the year, transport workers mastered 62.48% of total investments, provided in the budget of Azerbaijan,  and agreements with international financial institutions.

According to the Ministry of Transport, infrastructure improvements, road sector in January-June, amounted  to 900.83 million manat. Till the end of  December one billion 441.8 million manat  should be spent for the improvement and maintenance of the road transport sector.

From the transport Fund, 111.2 million manat have been allocated from the budget for the repair of roads. Parliament provided  transference  of 180 million manat per year   to the Fund by  government agencies.

The "Baku city transport" and "Center of intellectual transport management" have already mastered AZN 2.5 million from the limit of 5.8 million manat.

In January-June,  expenses  for development and maintenance of roads of the republic totaled 855.4 million manta; 225.2 km of roads, including 58.5 km of roads of national significance, 166.7 km of local roads and six bridges, have been built. -17D- 


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