Turkmenistan concluded big contracts in oil refining field

Several big oil refining projects are implemented by the foreign companies in Turkmenistan, reads the statement of Turkmenistan Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources.

“There is a list of the objects for which the contracts have been signed with various foreign firms and the works are already in progress,” reads the statement.

Total volume of investments in the above-mentioned objects will total more than $800 million.

Turkish Lotus company is in charge of construction of the complex of installation of late carbonization with deasphalting with the capacity of 900,000 and 500,000 tons a year.

  Construction of the installation of primary oil refining with the capacity of 3 million tons is carried out by Alliance Engineering and Construction B.V. company from Netherlands.

  US Wesport Trading Europe Limited has started construction of the installation for production of road bitumen from the remains of the refining with the capacity of 38,000 tons a year at the Seidi oil refinery.

The statement reads that the installation are planned to be put into operation till the end of 2014.

  The consortium of LG International Corp and Hyundai Engineering Co Ltd (South Korea) has been building the complex, which is comprised of vaccum installation, isomerization and alkylation installation and the gasoline mixing.

British Petro Gas LLP company has started construction of the objects of the ecological project, including the cleaning facilities and reconstruction of the sewage system  and water supply.

Indonesian PT Istana Karang Laut company continues the works to build the installation to make biological polypropylene film with the capacity of 21,000 tons a year. 

  “The specialists’ estimates prove that after completion of construction of new big objects and their launching, the oil refining capacities will be increased by 3 million tons and the depth of refining will be increased from 80% to 92%,” reads the statement. 

Two oil refineries operate in Turkmenistan – one in Turkmenbashi city, Balkan province, and in another one in Seidi city, Lebap provinces. In 2015 Turkmenistan plans to increase the capacity of the oil refining industry up to 15 million tons of oil a year and in 2020 – up to 20 million tons of oil a year, reported Russian Oil.—0—


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