Ankara confirms support for Baku in the Karabakh issue

«Turkey is aware of its responsibility in the matter of preservation and continuation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan. We are determined to be committed to this issue," said Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Tugrul Turkesh. Speaking at a banquet in honor of the Republic Day of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Ankara, Turkesh stressed that the Turkish nation has been and will be close to the Azerbaijani brothers  in sorrow and in joy. Noting that Turkey is ready to further deepen cooperation with Azerbaijan, Turkesh said that Turkey closely monitors the processes related to the latest tensions on the contact line of the Armed Forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which began after the Armenian provocations. "We are ready for the full support of the people of Azerbaijan",  said Deputy Prime Minister. In turn, the chief adviser to Turkish President Yalcin Topcu has called for an immediate end to the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia. "Illegal occupation of Azerbaijani lands must be stopped unconditionally. I urge the international community to take decisive steps in this direction," agency Anadolu quotes Yalcin Topcu. -02D-

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