Another Rally in Defense of Hilal Mamedov

Today in front of the Baku Court of Grave Crimes a picket was held in defense of the rights of the editor of the newspaper Tolyshi Sado Hilal Mamedov.

The action was organized by the Committee to Protect Mamedov and attended by about 40 people who demanded the release of Mamedov.
This is the fourth action in defense of Mamedov last month. The action was also observed by representatives of the International Federation of Human Rights, which included employees of the Russian "Memorial" and the Kyrgyz Center "Citizens against Corruption".
At the trial, which takes place, camera hearings were postponed. The reason for this was the motion to re-question a witness against Mamedov, Elman Guliyev and ask him more questions, Turan was told by one of the lawyers.
   Elman Guliyev is practically the only witness, stating that Mamedov is a traitor to the motherland. It is noteworthy that Elman Guliyev gave his testimony, while in prison, and he also testified against the former editor of Tolyshi Sado, Novruzali Mamedov, with whom he was sentenced to six years in prison.
The next hearing will take place on March 27. -16C06-

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