Arif Mammadov Resigned from His Post as Chief of OIC Mission to EU

The Azerbaijani diplomat Arif Mammadov resigned from his post as the representative of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in connection with the intention to become a professional in politics. He told this to the newspaper Azadlig, refuting thus posts in pro-government media on his recall from office.

"It is no secret to anyone that I announced my intention to go to a professional policy and deal with the problems of my people. This statement is known to the public in Azerbaijan as well as to the political circles of Europe.

Everybody accepted with understanding that it would be wrong of me to further restrict myself by staying as ambassador of a particular international organization. I considered it appropriate to resign from the post and I did it," said Mammadov.

Arif Mammadov became the head of the mission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to the EU in 2013. The pro-government press attacks on him began after he claimed on Facebook the responsibility of officials for the death of people on fire in Baku on 19 May. Five diplomats supported this status were dismissed. -06D-


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