At trial on Guba events

A  meeting on the case of the third group of defendants accused of unrest in  Guba region on March 1 took place in  Guba region under the chairmanship  of Fizuli Panahov. Seven people were brought to  trial. Four arrested, Akif Aliyev, Habil Aliyev, Safar Garibov and Zimistan Amiraslanov, and three more, Telman Dadashev, Samir Abdullayev and Mamedhasan Akperov have a subscription on  not leaving the country.

The defendants are accused under the Articles of the Criminal Code : 186.2.1 (destruction or damage to property of others in the large size), 233 (violation of public order), 315.2 (resistance to authority.)

    Akif Aliyev, who was an administrator of the Guba Olympic stadium complex is charged under Article 127.2.3 (causing of less serious harm to health.) According to the lawyer Asabali Mustafayev, an indictment was read at today's meeting. Then the accused expressed their attitude. Four of them  completely rejected the allegations, and three others were partially pleaded guilty to minor offenses. Aliyev, the defendant of  Mustafayev, completely denied the accusation.

    Mustafayev said the judge did not grant  none of the dozens of lawyers’ petitions  on the  replacement  the arrest by  other forms of restraint, the termination of the criminal case, the recognition of the former head of Guba, Rauf Khabibov as a witness, not a victim.

The next hearing will take place on November 6.

In Guba court Hearings   in the case of two more groups of defendants consisting of eight and nine people continue in Guba court.

    * On March 1, 2012 residents of Guba region,  angry with verbal abuse of the head of Guba region, Rauf Khabibov, went to the streets to demand the resignation of  Khabibov. The action turned into a riot in which Khabibov’s villa was burnt  and there were  clashes with the internal forces. Authorities arrested 25 people.—06B-- 

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