Committee to Protect the rights of the arrested brothers Kerimli

Press conference on the arrest of members of the youth organization of the party "Musavat" Faraj and Siraj Kerimli’s brothers took place in the office of the party on Thursday. "This arrest is politically motivated, one more  crime and violence in relation to the same family,"  said the leader of the "Musavat", Isa Gambar.

Two brothers were arrested in one week. After the arrest of Siraj his mother suffered a stroke. Therefore, another brother, Faraj, took his  mother to the hospital, and  he was arrested  there.

"This crime against the youth authorities is an attempt to intimidate the youth  and silence  it," said Isa Gambar. According to him, the arrest of brothers Kerimovs is the pressure on the activists of social networks and the democratic forces in general.

According to Gambar, today they received information about the arrest of the former chairman of Tartar branch of the party, Khagani Mamedov.

"This government does not want there were newspapers and websites, NGO in the country, who write and speak the truth. They want all the media be under their control and depend on them. Authorities do not want media to have a real opposition, they only want puppets, pocket opposition," said Gambar. The authority demand that citizens lived  with values of  ​​Heydar Aliyev,  such as greed and revenge. Do these authorities have something else in mind? " Gambar said.

Despite the efforts of lawyer Nemat Kerimli , whereabouts of the arrested is unknown. "This is lawlessness and absurd," said the lawyer. Father of the arrested brothers, Rafiq Kerimli called the arrest of his sons an open pressure on his family for political reasons. "But it is impossible to intimidate young people this way, and to abandon the chosen path," he said.

Then was founded a committee to protect the rights of Faraj Kerimli, whose chairman was elected Ahliman Abbasli,  head of the youth organization of the party "Musavat".

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that Faraj Kerimli promoted online psychotropic drugs. However, in fact, a young man just criticized the authorities in connection with the scandal transit through the country three tons of heroin. -05C04-

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