Tabrizi: Iranian Azeris do not believe Rouhani

Despite the change of president in Iran, breach of national and cultural rights of the Azerbaijanis continues in the country, said the head of the Objective TV of the National Liberation Front of South Azerbaijan, Gulamrza Tabrizi.

"Unfortunately, Hassan Rouhani has not fulfilled promises. This causes concerns and outrage. He betrayed those who believed and voted for him in the presidential elections," said Tabrizi.

After Rouhani came to power, repression against Azerbaijani activists did not cease.

"The fact is that after coming to power Rouhani, arrests and executions increased. I do not believe that Rouhani is initiator, but he does not prevent it," said Tabrizi. He called for the lifting of sanctions against Iran, the West, which only harm ordinary citizens, and  not officials.

He expressed a hope that  at the talks with the West agreement is reached, and the assets of Iran will be unfrozen and transferred to the people. However, he opposed the possession of nuclear weapons by Iran.

"If Iran becomes a nuclear power, it will destroy the world. I hope that this day will not come," said Tabrizi.

Referring to the situation with Iranian Azerbaijanis, Tabrizi urged official Tehran to ensure freedom and cultural rights of the Azerbaijanis. "Azerbaijanis defended Iran.  There was there was a war between Iran and Iraq, but most who fought and died at the front were Azerbaijanis. However, the Iranian government does not appreciate it," said Tebrizi.-03B06-

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