Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/30.06.21/Turan: The Project of Journalistic Investigations of Organized Crime and Corruption (OCCRP) has published a new work on Azerbaijan.

It is worth reminding that the"heroine of the new "investigation was" DJ Mikaela Cav" with her "electronic rhythms that work to the bone" and "hot nightlife".

The OCCRP points out that Saturday meetings called "Mikaela and friends" were also popular on Facebook in the summer of 2015.

Mikaela Kav shared photos of her eventful life in Greece, Thailand and Las Vegas on Facebook.

According to the report, in an interview in Spain, DJ Mikaela enthusiastically talked about her passion for Ibiza, her musical inspiration and her life in Russia which she presented as her homeland.

The OCCRP writes that jointly with the British branch of Transparency International  it managed to identify DJ Mikaela. It turned out that it was Izzet Javadova, the daughter of Acad.Jalal Aliyev.

Added to this can be that a woman named Javadova took the stage name of her 22-year-old daughter Mikaela.

The report says that over the past few years, she and her husband Suleiman Javadov have been the subject of an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) concerning the origin of millions of pounds. This investigation was reported last year in an article from the British newspaper "Evening Standard".

As a mastter of fact, the newspaper's articles helped tol disclose information about 13.9 million pounds (19.6 million dollars) that the couple titled as an "Azerbaijani couple" received from dubious sources.

According to the NCA, the Javadovs used a network of 20 "dark" companies, mostly offshore, to transfer millions of pounds to British banks.

Also, the British agency explains that the transferred money, "unlike bank tranches, might not leave traces to become the subject of an audit."

It should be stressed that the NCA investigators have identified six companies involved in the"money laundering machine in Azerbaijan".

Everything indicates that the system, first described by OCCRP in its 2017 report, allowed funds to be stolen, tax evaded, money laundered and transfered from Azerbaijan to the West. Here, this money was turned into luxury elite estate and luxurious lifestyle.

In spite of the fact that Izzet and Suleiman Javadov are not well-known figures in Azerbaijan, the woman's father was a member of Parliament, and her father-in-law - Deputy Minister of Energy until last year.

According to the British anti-money laundering rules, such persons are be subjected to additional checks.

According to the National Agency for Combating Crime, Javadov opened an account in the British bank Coutts as saying that he was not related to the Deputy Minister of Azerbaijan but just was his namesake.

Also, it said that the information provided by the Javadovs to the bank regarding the money origin was different from that to the police. The investigators detected that Izzet Javadova told the bank that her account would reflect income from a company in charge of real estate renting in Azerbaijan.

However, the documents show that the funds in this account were twice as much as the income that the Javadovs received from the lease and declared to the bank.

The couple submitted 250 rental and management contracts of houses as a testimony to the money received from 20 companies. According to court documents, $ 2.4 million was transferred between these two sources from 2015 to 2018.

However, the NCA told the court that dates of the bank transfers did not coincide with the contracts in question, and that the management contract was usually "concluded" after the money was transferred.

In addition, the prosecutor's office questioned the validity of the Javadovs ' signatures on the contracts under consideration, as well as the purpose of using offshore companies.

"No explanation was given as to how firms in Scotland, Ireland or the Seychelles manage real estate in Azerbaijan and why they use bank accounts in Estonia or Latvia," the study says.

The NCA investigators drew attention to the fact that none of the 20 companies under consideration is located in Azerbaijan, so it is doubtful that they could have paid the rent for the property to the Javadovs. Moreover, none of these payments came directly from Azerbaijan, the investigation stressed.

Note that the persons mentioned in this report do not comment on the charges. Turan Agency is ready to publish their opinion— - 06D-


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