Morningstar: I hope that elections in Azerbaijan will be free

Whose candidacy to nominate for presidency is  the  affair of the "Yeni Azerbaijan" party. This is  how the U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Richard Morningstar, requested  journalists commenting  on the issue, if the  nomination of President Ilham Aliyev for a third consecutive term is consistent with the recommendations of CE Venice Commission.

On the eve of the congress  of YAP nominated Aliyev for a third term. Recently, the Venice Commission stated that the position of this structure about an amendment to the Constitution of Azerbaijan in March 2009 allowing a person to be elected president  unlimited number of times, remains unchanged.

The Venice Commission considers that the granting of the right to elect one person to be elected  unlimited number of times "is a step back in the direction of democracy."

However, the Ambassador Morningstar did not give a direct answer to the question, noting that the YAP itself should  chose  its candidate. He added: "I just hope that, as in some countries , the elections in Azerbaijan will be free and fair elections. People will choose who they want. "

Morningstar  did not ay anything about assessment of establishment of the National Council of the democratic opposition forces. "I do not have a special opinion on the National Council. This question relates to the interests of those  who is represented in it. However, it is interesting to monitor the future activities of the National Council, as the process will develop," added Morningstar.—16D06- 


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