No restrictive measures are taken  with respect to Turan agency, the Prosecutor General's Office

Baku /09.19.17/Turan: "Some media reports about inspections conducted in Turan news agency do not reflect the reality," reads the he official information of the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan, distributed on Tuesday.The press release does not explain what reports are being discussed. However, today the media published information about letters sent by the Ministry of Taxes to Turan agency about the restoration of tax sanctions against the agency, canceled a few days earlier."Currently, the investigation of the criminal case is being continued in the Department of Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes by the Ministry of Taxes, and the public will be informed of the results," the Prosecutor General's Office said further.In conclusion the press release stressed that "no restrictive measures are taken with respect to the Turan news agency." -06D-

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