Opposition appoints rally on February 29

Baku / 02.24.20 / Turan: A rally committee in the person of leaders of a number of parties and activists appealed to the Baku Executive Power with the intention to hold a protest rally in front of the CEC on 29 February from 15.00 to 17.00, announced a member of the rally committee, the leader of the D18 movement Ruslan Izzetli.

As alternative options, the organizers proposed to coordinate the action in one of the following places:

1. The area at the intersection of Nazim Hikmet Street with Hasan Bek Zardabi Avenue (“Musabekov Park”);

2. The stadium at street January 20, 2527th quarter (near the department store "Moscow");

3. Area along the street Najaf Narimanov, 55 (in front of the restaurant "Jidir");

4. Huseyn Javida Park, near the Elmlyar Akademiyasy metro station;

5. "Winter Park" (in front of the Azdrama);

6. Central Park (above Azdrama);

7. The area in front of the metro station "May 28";

8. The stadium "Mehsul."

The notice was sent on behalf of Izzetli, as well as the head of the REAL party Ilgar Mammadov, deputy chair of Musavat Faraj Karimli and independent candidate Farhad Mehdiyev. — 06D-


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