P.Mone The principle of territorial inviolability is inviolable

Baku/05.04/14/Turan : The principle of territorial integrity is a priority in international law, and it is indestructible, said yesterday in an interview with reporters, French Ambassador Pascal Monnier. Violation of the principle of territorial integrity, would violate international order, said a French diplomat. He said that the main aim of the forthcoming visit of French President Francois Hollande in Azerbaijan and Armenia is to support peace efforts to resolve the Karabakh conflict.

According to Monier, the aim of the France in the  OSCE Minsk Group is to support the efforts of the presidents of the two countries to advance the peace process. In his view , the settlement of the conflict will create more opportunities for both sides. This is a sovereign region , which may itself determine its future, said Monier. "We  support peace and friendship between the countries of the region,"  he added. Monier also welcomed the support  by Azerbaijan in the of the UN General Assembly  the territorial integrity of Ukraine. French President's visit to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia is planned for May. According to unofficial data, Oland will visit Baku on 11-12 May.—06D--

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