Press Review for April 5, 2014

Official newspapers write about the visit of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to Azerbaijan.


"Azadlig" writes that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan demanded  from Ilham Aliyev to resolve the issue with Nurchular.

A trial in the case of  the  blogger Omar Mamedov, who harshly criticized the official Baku in "Facebook", will take place soon.

   Former Chief of Staff of the Navy  Forces of Azerbaijan, Yunice Mammadov, was arrested for three months.

Internally displaced people from Karabakh  demand  to deprive Etibar Huseynov parliamentary mandate for what insulted them. MP apologized , but it did not calm the people.


General Prosecutor's Office arrested the  owner of the Group  of  AMAY companies, Abdulla Abdullayev,   on charges of embezzlement.


"Express" writes that in Azerbaijan every year 300 children  suffer fro  oncological disease, and  20%  of them can not be cured.


"Bizim Yol"

 A “Hidro Lotos”, an affiliate company  of “Azersu” , is associated with  the Movement of  Fatullah Gulen . For this reason , the company's activities in Azerbaijan was  suspended.

Azerbaijani MP Mikhail Zabelin called Crimea an ancient Russian land, thus justifying the occupation of the Crimea.


"Yeni Musavat" also highlights the arrest of  the owner of AMAY companies, Abdulla Abdullayev.

The newspaper claims that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan arrived in Baku and submitted  Ilham Aliyev a dossier of Nurchular  in Azerbaijan.

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