Russia Submits Repeated Request for Release of Nadir Salifov

Baku / 10.29.18 / Turan: On October 25, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia sent a second request to the central office of Interpol in connection with the detention of the Azerbaijani criminal authority of Azerbaijan, Nadir Salifov (Lotu Guli) in Turkey.

According to Rosbalt, citing a law enforcement source, after Salifov was detained in Turkey on October 8, the Russian Interior Ministry sent documents to Interpol that Salifov was on the international wanted list and Russia was asking for his extradition to Moscow.

However, there was no answer: the criminal authority was initially released and forbidden to leave Turkey, and then detained again. Therefore, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia sent a second request to Interpol.

"There is no need to build big illusions. Turkey will agree to extradite Salifov only if he has done something absolutely terrible," said the source.

In Russia, the criminal authority is accused of two cases of organizing abductions and extortion of money. According to Rosbalt, Salifov may also be charged with article 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Banditry), and if he is brought to the Moscow detention center, he will be accused of high-profile murders.

According to the Russian media, Salifov racketed the major Azerbaijani entrepreneurs working in Russia, blackmailing them through video conferencing. -02D-

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