The NCDF called the verdict in "Nardaran case" "the most shameful in the history of Azerbaijan"

The National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) made a statement in connection with the completion of the trial on the "case of Nardaran." The  NCDF called the verdict "unjust", "cruel", "the most shameful in the history of Azerbaijan." On November 25, 2015 the police carried out a special operation in Nardaran in order to arrest the leader  of the movement "Muslim unity" Thale Bagirzade and his supporters. As a result of the use of weapons, two policemen and four civilians , supporters of Bagirzade, were killed. To this case was attracted the deputy chairman of APFP Fuad Gahramanli, who  condemned in his Facebook status  the police actions in Nardaran. On January 25 a court sentenced Thale Bagirzade and his deputy, Abbas Huseynov to 20 years in prison each. The remaining 16 defendants received penalties from 10 to 19 years in prison.

However,   reads the statement of the  NCDF, in fact, at the trial was  proved the  innocence of the accused. Nevertheless,  instead that justify them and to initiate proceedings against the police officers, the accused was sentenced to long prison terms.  The NCDF demanded the release of prisoners and the other two groups of defendants in these events. The  NCDF believes that the operation  in Nardaran, and the verdict on these events pursue the goal of injecting fear in society. "This trial at the same time contributed to the rapprochement of the traditional democratic opposition and a layer of believers fighting for the idea of ​​a secular state",  said  the statement. The  NCDF believes that to peacefully  achieve democratic change in Azerbaijan it is  necessary  to mobilize all active groups in society. The  NCDF called on the people to express a resolute protest against the arbitrariness of glosses and lawlessness in the country, conviction of innocent people on the Nardaran events, active involvement in the peaceful struggle for democracy. However, the statement noted, more segments of the population are aware of the need for democratic change and the number of fighters for these purposes is growing. "Our people will very soon  say their  word, and all political prisoners, including convicted  on the Nardaran events will find freedom they worthy,"   reads the  statement. -03D06-

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