TV and Radio Council to Elect Director of Public TV

The National TV and Radio Council announced a competition for the position of Director of Public Television (PTV). The present director's term of service is due for renewal.

Requirements specify that applicants must be Azerbaijani citizens, have higher education, and have no criminal record. Candidates should submit their documents from April 4 to19, 2013 to the TV and Radio Council.

Currently, Ismail Omarov is the head of PTV. He was elected twice to the post. By law, the chief of PTV is elected every four years. Legislation does not limit how many times one person can be elected to the position of director of PTV. Therefore, there is no reason to think that the head of PTV will change. From the very beginning, PVT has been not a public television channel, but some repetition of AZTV. -16D04-


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