Visit of an Iranian diplomat does not defuse tensions in bilateral relations


Judging by the statements made by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Seid Abbas Arakhchi after talks in Baku, tensions in bilateral relations is not resolved. On the contrary,  the increase of  confrontation in the  bilateral relations is expected.

At a press conference organized  for a narrow circle of Azerbaijani journalists Arakchy showed rigidity of Iran’s position in the case of two  arrested young Iranian Azerbaijani poets, Farid Hussein and Shahriyar Hajizadeh. He said that the writers  committed "illegal actions" and must  be brought to justice. 

According to ANS channel, asking the question what was the illegality of the actions of poets, the diplomat replied: "Although they have been invited to the festival of poetry,  they were everywhere, but just not there." Moreover, according to the Arakhchi, he informed about it  at the talks in Baku, and the Azerbaijani side "recognized illegal" actions  of the poets.

Arakhchi confirmed that during the visit  he once again invited the President of Azerbaijan to the summit of the leaders of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, but did not specify, whether the Azerbaijani side accepted the invitation. He only said that the visit  of Aliyev could be a turning point in bilateral relations, and eliminate "some misunderstanding" in the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations.


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