Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia stand up for the video "Who are you? Come on, goodbye"

Committee to Protect the rights of  the arrested editor of "Tolyshi Sado"  newspaper, Hilal Mammadov, decided to hold a broad public debate on the  first trial on August 29 in the  Nasimi Court.

Public hearing with  participation of  intellectuals, political parties, NGOs and the media will be held on  August 28 at 12:00 at the headquarters of the Musavat party.

It was noted at the meeting that the investigation  in the case of Mammadov  is accompanied by flagrant violations of procedure and gathering evidence to support pseudo evidences  for fabricated case on charges of illegal possession of drugs, high treason and inciting national, racial, social and religious hatred.

Investigators  in  Astara, Lankaran and Masalli regions   is trying to obtain  testimonies from residents against Mamedov, through pressure, although the case  had been passed to the court.

Protection has filed three lawsuits in court  on the three  facts of violations of Hilal Mammadov’s rights: unlawful arrest, violation of procedures  of a search of his house,  and inhuman treatment.

It also became known that Professor Adil Geybulla will be  Mammadov’s doctor , if the investigation allows meeting with Mammadov. Mammadov suffers  severe asthma.

Fourteen representatives of the scientific world appealed to the head of the Caucasian Muslims Department, Sheikh Allahshukur Pashazadeh, with request to help  in the case. Committee member, Professor Shahsuvarly Jahangir, said that today  he  had  a meeting in the spiritual administration, where he is one of the authors of the letter, was told that  they  understand the situation and are willing to help to  release Mammadov.

On the eve of Ramadan for assistance in releasing Hilal Mammadov, Council of Muftis of Russia (SMR), Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin appealed to  Sheikhulislam Pashazadeh.

The meeting participants also reviewed the steps to contacts different groups to solve the problem of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Chief Editor of "Tolyshi Sado" , the deputy head of the Talysh Cultural Centre, Hilal Mammadov was arrested  on June 21 on charges of drug possession. Already on July 4  he was charged under Articles 274 (high treason) and 283.2.2 (incitement of national, racial, social and religious hatred, hostility, and ethnic discrimination.)

The local and international democratic community  is convinced  that Mammadov is being  persecuted for political reasons during his active civil position  and human rights activities.

Mammadov is the author  of a popular online video on  Azerbaijani Meykhana "Who are you? Come on, goodbye." -0-

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