Jalaloghlu intends to run for president

Chairman of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party, Sardar Jalaloglu, will run for the post of President in elections in October. In his interview with obyektiv.tv, he said that the National Council (NC), headed by Rustam Ibrahimbayov,  is  a project of the Kremlin, and  socio-political parameters  of the famous screenwriter  are against his presidency, "he is far from the people, and does not reflect the aspirations of the protesting electorate."

Speaking about  the international institutional and financial support of the  NC, he said that Ibrahimbeyov lives in Russia,  has access to the highest political circles of the country, is the leader of the Union of Cinematographers, etc. Until yesterday, he was a citizen of the Russian Federation with the "attendant obligations."

All of these factors, taking into account recent statements by Russian presidential adviser Soyunov Sadygov say that the National Assembly - Russian project aimed at implementing the interests of this country in the Caucasus” said Jalaloghlu.

The change of power is possible, but not on the terms of the National Assembly, which can be seen by his tactics - he makes optimistic positive statements without taking tangible action.

In Azerbaijan, for the 3 months before the election, there are no adequate conditions for their implementation. In addition, the company is silent, the political opposition has not started their electoral tactics that is suitable to the authorities.

Between the political potential and campaign promises of Rustam Ibrahimbayov and Ilham Aliyev there is a big difference, though neither side meets the expectations of the people. One a need for democracy, the second on the priority of independence, not meet these concepts, so there is the need to participate in the election of the "third force", as Jalaloghlu which sees itself.

Rumors about participation in elections by Mehriban Aliyeva may have a negative impact to the electorate which at the moment is loyal to the National Council. In any case, Mehriban Aliyeva can be considered a fallback power, Jalaloglu believes.

With regard to the registration of Ibrahimbayov, Jalaloghlu predicts that the CEC will take a wait, and 20-25 days prior to the election will refuse to register him.

The National Council will have to nominate a single candidate for president of "Musavat" Isa Gambar, who will "lose."

Jalaloghlu  connected the political situation in Azerbaijan with the interests of the great powers. Thus, the Kremlin offers  Baku  to join  the Eurasian Customs Union in exchange for support in resolving the Karabakh conflict. Russia is able to offer more options in this matter, that is why its policy is more aggressive.

The confrontation between the two powers can bring surprises in the presidential election,  therefore, the opposition, expressing a commitment to democracy, should stand in the position of statehood, said Jalaloghlu.

"The problem of Ilham Aliyev that he is inconsistent. A few years ago, he claimed that he is a president of 50 million Azerbaijanis around the world, but his recent speeches (including a speech on July 2 before the police) mean that he relies  on a small stratum of people in uniform, ready to defend his interests. In Europe, such a speech for the head of state would not remain unpunished," said  Jalaloghlu. -17D— 


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