The young doctor, who served for less than a month in one of the Baku hotels where people are suspected of being infected with the coronavirus, agreed to give an interview to Turan. The negotiations between the journalist and the doctor became successful after we guaranteed non-disclosure of her name and other data. She agreed, explaining that they were not allowed to share what they saw on social networks, but she and her colleagues wanted to tell the truth so that the leaders corrected the existing shortcomings.

She asked not to name the hotel in Baku, where she worked, so that it was impossible to find who she is.

- Tell us about the conditions of your work.

- From mid-March, we have been sent to hotels where people who returned from abroad were accommodated. The first couple of days there were difficulties with the organization, since everything was new for everyone. The hotel staff was sent on vacation. Only EMERCOM employees, doctors, and nurses worked there. The Ministry of Emergency Situations ensured order and resolved technical issues (heating, parcels, and so on);  doctors checked the  health of people every 3-4 hours, measured the temperature, listened to health complaints and made recommendations, or solved problems as far as possible; cleaning women were engaged in cleaning rooms and all rooms, and nurses worked directly with doctors and patients. Each doctor controlled 2-3 floors (approximately 40-70 people). The doctor on each floor has two cleaners and two nurses. The duty lasted 12 hours: from 9:00 to 21:00 and from 21:00 to 9:00.

The test results were not reported to us, and it was difficult to keep track of, because we were changing, patients were changing. However, they said that someone was taken away, most likely, these were "positive people" (that is, those who had coronavirus - Ed.).

Doctors came to the hotel and returned home to their families. The Ministry of Emergencies helps a lot, supports everything, their employees are very helpful and respectful. We received our usual salaries for March, while there were no allowances. We hope and wait.

What were your concerns?

- We were not trained to work in such special conditions. Naturally, we ourselves read a lot about how the virus spreads and how to defend against it. They explained to nurses and nurses, but there are people even among doctors who do not believe in coronavirus, and did not follow the necessary rules. We were not tested on covid-19.

We had protective suits and masks. Unfortunately, special anti-epidemiological masks were only in the first days and in limited quantities, then we were given the usual 2-3-layer surgical masks. We put two masks; gloves, shoe covers, glasses also soon ended, used the old ones, or we went without glasses, or bought ourselves. Pharmacists are very dishonest. Even when we told them that we were working as doctors, they sold us glasses for 16-30 manats, although they do not cost more than 2-3 manats.

- They write and talk about poor quarantine conditions. How was it with you?

- As soon as a person was quarantined, they took a smear. First, the answer came on the 5th day, then on the third, and the answer came a few hours later. The second test was made before releasing the patient home. If there was a temperature, we had to report to the "headquarters".

They were fed very well, three times a day, plus snacks such as yoghurts, croissants, fruits. Drinking water constantly and in unlimited quantities. People with chronic diseases, diabetics, could order themselves the appropriate menu. They were provided with all the necessary drugs. Relatives could send packages, but nothing could be taken out of the hotel. Great Wi-Fi all day.

A lot in a relationship depends on people. Usually people from European flights treated everything with understanding. People from Russia and Turkey (traders) constantly scandalized, demanded that they be released, complained about everything: either they were cold or hot, the bed was hard, they wanted to see relatives, they refused to measure the temperature. They threatened to record video and post on Facebook, and created difficulties for both doctors and EMERCOM employees. They were provided with everything: shampoos, razors, antiseptics, masks, even air fresheners for the toilet. I understand that housing conditions are not so good everywhere, but I will never believe that people in quarantine are not given water, food or doctors leave them without control.

Our doctor’s son was kept in quarantine in the Athletes Village. She did not complain about anything. I think that illiterate people who do not understand the seriousness of the situation tell terrible stories about quarantine. They are trying in every possible way to get home from there, and disseminate fake information.

- There was an information about 15 coronavirus-affected doctors and the rest of the nursing staff in the Central Clinical Hospital.

- Now, there are many "positive" doctors, who have become coronavirus and have given a positive test result. In clinics, for example. We hear from colleagues that “positive” doctors are being quarantined. The rest are allowed to go home, or they continue to work with coronavirus patients and in quarantine. If doctors are allowed to go home, then why people coming from abroad and kept on quarantine?

Outside of quarantine, at work, in the hospital, we may daily meet “positive” ones (infected with the virus - Ed.). However, Təbib did not provide the hospital with antiseptics, and at least, doctors with masks. We have to find and buy everything at our own expense.

I spoke with my friend; she is a doctor in America. They are also given ordinary masks and warned that there is a shortage, use several times, although the masks are disposable. Another doctor from Azerbaijan, who works in Spain, works at a hotel with coronavirus patients and became infected there, since almost no one was sitting in his room and the patients were constantly talking to each other. We do not allow several people to leave the room for corridor.

I think that in our country everything is organized with dignity. Everywhere there are problems, both in Europe and in America. In this problem, human responsibility plays a very important role. Germans voluntarily quarantined from the beginning of March, even before the state took measures, and therefore there is the lowest percentage of mortality in Europe from coronavirus, said the coronavirus quarantined doctor.


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