Alliance "Azerbaijan without political prisoners" condemns pressure on Leyla Yunus

Public Association "Azerbaijan has no political prisoners," issued a statement condemning the physical pressure on Leyla Yunus in prison jail Kurdakhani. The text of the statement expressed the demand to immediately stop the inhuman and degrading treatment of the well-known human rights activist, punishment of those responsible and give it immediate medical attention.

Alliance refers to the Baku office of the Red Cross calling to visit Leyla Yunus in prison, and check her health and the conditions of detention.

"Instead of punishing the author of this disgraceful violence against prominent human rights activist, the management of the Prison Service is trying to hide this fact, which once again proves the character of the political order of the violence," reads the statement. The Alliance also demands that the Prison Service has admitted a group of independent human rights defenders to Leyla Yunus. -16D-

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