Another man suspected of organizing attempt on the head of Ganja is killed

Baku / 25.07.18 / Turan: Authorities continue to destroy those accused of organizing an attempt on the head of Ganja Elmar Veliyev on July 3, and holding protests of this official on 10th. To this day, three persons have been killed, and today the law enforcement agencies reported the murder of the fourth - Agha Sarhani. According to law enforcement agencies, he, together with Yunis Safarov, was preparing an attempt on the head of Ganja and was put on the wanted list. However, where exactly and under what circumstances he was killed, is not reported. The authorities also claim that in 2016 he participated in military operations in Syria and repeatedly visited Iran.

However, the authorities do not give an answer to the question: why do they kill all the suspects, and do not seize them? What will be investigated without the accused, it is difficult to say, but apparently the authorities have already found out everything for themselves.

On July 3, a native of Ganja, a resident of Russia Yunis Safarov fired several shots at the mayor of Ganja, Elmar Veliyev. According to an unofficial version, he shot the guard, but then the gun misfired and Safarov began to beat Veliyev with a pistol grip on the back of his head. Before that, the terrified Veliyev managed to fall and break his head.

Now Veliyev is on treatment, but there is not any information about his health. According to unofficial data, he was taken to Turkey, and then to Israel. During the protests on July 10 two senior officers from among the police of the city were killed. According to official data, more than 20 participants in the riots were arrested. -16D-

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