Azerbaijani expedition to Shishapangma: Mountaineers move to high camp

Israfil Ashurly and Firuz Dadashov- members of the  Azerbaijani expedition to the Himalayan  Shishapangma (Gosaintan ) 8037 m altitude, reached high altitude Camp 1 on Friday.

According to the leader of the expedition, Israfil Ashurly, forecasters gave a good prognosis and climbers took advantage of this, and began carrying loads to high camps.

Coming out of the base camp at an altitude of 5000 meters altitude they reached Camp 1 (around 6000) and spent the night.

On Saturday, they will move with the load up and establish Camp 2, and will spend night there. Weather permitting , on Sunday they will try to go even higher and set Camp 3, will spend the night, and then come down.

Bringing the necessary shipping and installation of tents (equipment, products) , and railing (safety line) will  allow climbers to prepare for the ascent route.

This work is not only the preparation of the route, but also the process of acclimatization (habituation) of climbers to the altitude.  Ashurly  and Dadashov ascent in sporty style, i.e. without the aid of high-altitude porters and without the use of oxygen tanks. All this requires an enormous effort and a lot harder.

After installing Camp 3 the climbers will return to the base camp and rest. There they will wait for good weather to re-enter the route and go all the way up to camp 3 and from the climbers go for the summit.

According to Ashurly, part of the route passes through the icefall and is littered with cracks. Weather is stable, but it is very cold. Health of climbers is normal, ad the mood is martial. Besides the Azerbaijani climbers, there are  several foreign groups on the mountain. -02D-

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