Breaking Tires Raise Issue of Security in Formula-1  (UPDATED)


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2016 June 18 (Saturday) 12:58:54


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2016 June 18 (Saturday) 11:46:58

The organizers of the Formula-1 race have been forced to make changes to the city track after the first day of racing. The reason for this was several clashes of the cars with borders, resulting in breaking tires of the cars by protruding bolts. This jeopardized the continuation of the race. However, after negotiations between the organizers and the teams, the solution was found, the BBC Azerbaijani service said.

Later, the competition organizers said that because of problems with bolts sticking out of the concrete structures, these constructions were removed on the 6th and 12th turns and replaced by painted markings. In addition, the location and the length of the marking at the entrance to the pit lane were changed, as due to the height difference the white lines had not been visible from the car cabins.

The BBC radio reported that the technique experts of several teams expressed the view that it would be safer to put used tires in place of the concrete borders, especially on such narrow sections of the route. Because of the problem, the training races were called into question.

Recall that the width of the widest section of the route is 13 meters and the narrowest one is 7.6 meters wide. The total length of the route is 6 km. The competition involves 11 teams of two pilots. -02D-

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