Emin Agalarov Confesses His Marriage to Leila Aliyeva Could Be Not Forever

The son of the prominent businessman Araz Agalarov Emin for the first time publicly acknowledged that his marriage to the daughter of Azerbaijani President Leyla Aliyeva "might not last forever." He said this in a television program Wright Stuff on British television Channel 5.

According to the Azeri service of the BBC, to the question whether it is not difficult to get along with members of a family accused of corruption, Emin said:

"I am not a politician and do not comment on that. And, secondly, this is a family matter not related to the musical activity. "

He further added that Ilham Aliyev "is just my father-in-law, which might not be forever." In this sense, any marriage can be called into question, said Emin and noted that "we are trying to save the marriage."

 "I travel a lot, we live in different cities, and my sons live in Baku ..."

"If the marriage falls apart, I will not be a relative of the President of Azerbaijan ..." the Azerbaijani service of BBC quoted Emin.

Asked what he thinks about Ilham Aliyev, Emin Agalarov said that he is a "wonderful person and he wants the best for his country."

Emin Agalarov and Leyla married in 2006. They have two sons. -02D-

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