Vidadi İsgəndərli

Vidadi İsgəndərli

Baku/22.06.22/Turan: The French prosecutor's office canceled the decision to initiate a criminal case against Azerbaijani political emigrant Vidadi Iskenderli. Last night he was released after two days of detention and recognized as a victim in the case of the attack on him on June 16th. Iskenderli himself informed Turan about this on June 22.

According to him, the French prosecutor's office took into account that he inflicted injuries on the attackers in self-defense. At the same time, there are no detainees in connection with the attack on him.

Iskenderli believes that the attackers were residents of the criminal quarter of the "drug lords" of the city of Mulyuz. At the same time, he believes that the attack was “ordered” by the Azerbaijani authorities.

* The attack took place on the evening of June 16, when Iskenderli was returning home. He was wounded and, while defending himself, also stabbed several of the attackers.

Iskenderli is an ardent critic of the Azerbaijani authorities on social networks. He was subjected to criminal and administrative prosecution. In 2015, he emigrated from Azerbaijan. --06B--

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