Human rights activist detained in Geychay region

A human rights defender Tale Khasmamedov was detained in Geychay region.

His relatives told that the cause of his detention became the incident in front of a furniture store. When Tale left the store, an unknown individual approached him and  spat in his face. Then the man fell to the ground, pretending that he was beaten by Khasmamedov. When the police came  witnesses confirmed that Khasmamedov did not do anything, but Khasmamedov was detained.

In turn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that Khasmamedov committed unlawful acts and beat   the man. Khasmamedov is known human rights work in Goychay-Ujar region,and criticized local authorities in facebook. Previously, he  was convicted for his human rights work, but two years ago was pardoned.-06D-

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