Khalid Bagirov is restored to the Bar

The lawyer for legal advice N 6, Khalid Bagirov, has been  restored to the Bar of Azerbaijan after a year, according to Bagirov.

On August 24, 2011, the Bar Association decided to suspend the powers of Bagirov for 1 year after application of the Chief of the  City Police,  Rafig Abbasov. According to the complaint, Bagirov allegedly violated professional ethics and secrecy of the investigation, and spread the information discrediting the police.

However,  Bagirov himself and  human rights activists are convinced, that  the real reason  for suspending his activity was active protection of the  rights of arrested political and civil activists. 

Bagirov from the  very start did not agree with the decision of the Bar Association and served on it in court. However, after going through the courts, he was unable to restore  his  rights in Azerbaijan, and now intends to appeal to the Strasbourg court.

After resuming his attorney authorities, Bagirov proceeded to protect the rights of  the arrested Hilal Mammadov, the chief editor of "Tolyshi sado". --16D06--


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