Media Review for 25.05.20

The formation of the mineral resource base in the country, official statistics and reality, discussions on supporting the economy and other topics are in the focus of media attention.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the formation of the mineral resource base of the country. The President of the country signed on March 16 a decree on the “State Program for the Study and Effective Use of Subsurface Resources for 2020–2024”.

The formation and development of heavy industries, non-ferrous metallurgy and construction in the non-oil sector is based on the use of mineral resources.

There are 750 mineral deposits in the country's bowels. There are 9 deposits per hundred square kilometers. Over 20 different types of ores have been discovered.

The Azadlig newspaper writes about the issuance of false data by the Statistics Committee. Expert economist Nemat Aliyev drew attention to the fact that the State Statistics Committee released data on May 1 of this year, which says that there are 298 thousand unemployed in the country (economically active population - 5.197 million; employed population - 4.899 million; unemployed - 298 thousand).

At the same time, 600,000 unemployed were officially recognized at the presidential level, and the government even decided to pay each of them a lump sum of 190 manats per month.

The huge electronic registration system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection collapsed in April due to the large number of unemployed people wishing to register. Therefore, it is not clear on what basis the State Statistics Committee estimates the number of unemployed at 298 thousand.

The website of the Musavat newspaper writes about the importance of continuing economic support in a pandemic. As of May 19, 533 million 257 thousand manats was allocated from the state budget for these purposes.

229 million manats was allocated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for the payment of lump sum assistance in 190 manats to 600,000 registered unemployed. These payments are made within two months. 15 million manats was allocated for temporary employment of the unemployed.

The government of Azerbaijan has planned all these measures for April-May, but many entrepreneurs say that from June they will drastically reduce the number of workers if assistance is not continued.

Experts believe that a support program should be developed to mobilize the economy, designed to activate it in the conditions of easing the quarantine regime. However, such a program is not only not developed, but not even discussed. -0-


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