Media Review for March 24, 2020

The fight against the Corona Virus pandemic, the announcement of a special quarantine regime in the country, the situation on the consumer market, the freezing of employment contracts, and possible concessions to entrepreneurs are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan publishes a statement by the Minister of Economy, Mikayil Jabbarov, on measures taken by the government to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the economy. The sectors most affected by the pandemic were identified - tourism, hotel business, catering, entertainment, transportation, shopping centers and more.

The working group prepared a proposal to minimize the damage caused. The Minister believes that the relationship between owners and tenants should be reviewed. If possible, rent should be frozen. According to the Minister, there are no problems with providing the population with necessary goods.

The website Mü discusses with the expert Rovshan Agayev possible mechanisms for supporting small and medium-sized businesses. The expert believes that compensation for this category of entrepreneurs is required for at least 3 months.

Land and property tax payers may be exempt from tax for 2020. According to the expert, in the second quarter of this year, exemption from income tax is possible, and private entrepreneurs should be given the right not to pay social security and unemployment funds for 6 months. There should be benefits in the issue of utility payments and loans.

The website discusses the implementation of social exclusion measures. All cafes and restaurants are open until 15.00, however, in certain districts, public catering enterprises go beyond the permitted time.

In respect of owners of 71 objects, a fine has been applied.

The website writes about the ban on termination of employment contracts during the Corona Virus pandemic. The Minister of Economics Mikayil Jabbarov has already instructed the public sector in this regard. He expressed confidence that the private sector would follow this direction, assuming social responsibility. The Minister assured that measures will be taken to provide support for the restoration of losses in the turnover.

The website writes about the more stringent quarantine regime established in the country. The validity period of this regime is designated from March 24 to April 20. Persons over 65 will not be allowed to leave their homes. Minimum use of underground and ground transportation is recommended. People cannot gather more than 10 individuals in one place. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is entrusted with monitoring the implementation of quarantine requirements.


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