Ministry of Ecology continues the "hunt" of poachers

Baku / 15.10.18 / Turan: The new leadership of the Ministry of Ecology has seriously intensified the fight against illegal hunting. In recent weeks, daily reports on detentions and fines of individuals who carried out or intended to illegally hunt were published on the ministry"s website.

The Ministry reported from October 15, for 9 months of the current year, during raids across the country, 90 local and 15 foreign hunters were detained. They seized 93 guns, as well as wildfowl.

Protocols were drawn up against 99 people and they were subject to an administrative fine totaling 117,698 manat. With regard to six people, the documents were transferred to law enforcement agencies.

It should be noted that currently the season for hunting waterfowl has begun - the most popular and widespread type of hunting in Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, one of the causes of poaching is the lack of conditions for a normal hunt. First of all, this is an extreme shortage of well-equipped hunting and related services,

The former leadership of the Ministry of Environment has limited hunting in every way and in fact has achieved the liquidation of the Union of Hunters of Azerbaijan. This public organization for decades managed the work of hunting farms and dealt with the organization of hunting. At present, hunters are left to their own, they have no organization that would unite them and adjust sports hunting, not to mention the preservation of traditions and hunting ethics. -02D-

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