Operation against checks sellers

On September 24, in the afternoon, a law enforcement agency conducted an operation against sellers  of  privatization checks. According to witnesses, a group of security forces detained more than 10 sellers of checks and currency.  One of the detainees on the condition of anonymity, told Turan, that they were taken to the building of the Ministry of National Security (MNS) ,  and were questioned. "We were asked what  for and whom  for we buy and sell checks, who instructed us that? Then we all had to sign that we will not do it  anymore," said the same source.

However, the Public Relations Center of the  MNS, Turan was told  that the agency  did not conducted any action against sellers of checks. The Interior Ministry also did not confirm such an event.

The  vouchers were put into circulation in the mid 90s, and they were used in the course of privatization of state property. In 2010, they were withdrawn from circulation and have actually lost their value. -08В-

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