Press Review 07/11/2016

Strengthening lobbying movement, the future of the manat, and the problem of unemployment are the main topics of today's press.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the transformation of the Azerbaijani Diaspora into a strong lobbying movement. The author writes about the achievements of 25 years of independence, progress, including the formation of a strong civil society, ensuring human rights and freedoms. Among the successes there is also leadership of Azerbaijan in economic and military fields.

"Today, without the consent and participation of Azerbaijan it is impossible to implement any transnational project in the region," the author writes, echoing one of the favorite phrases of Ilham Aliyev.

It is also important to propagate success of modern Azerbaijani culture, the author notes. On all these issues the lobbyist movement plays a major role. Another major focus of the lobbying movement is to strengthen ties with foreign media, which is the main task of the Azerbaijani Diaspora abroad.

Azadlig has published an appeal by a resident of Sumgait Fariz Hasanov to Ilham Aliyev to cancel his Azerbaijani citizenship. The appeal says that he has been unemployed for two years. For this reason, his family has broken up. Being unemployed, he cannot pay the child support, but the court is preparing to take him into custody.

Hasanov says he visited the Chairman of Caspian Shipping Company Rauf Valiyev, who promised to give him a job, but did not fulfill the promise. Hasanov said the requirement of higher education to work as a sailor is absurd. To find a job at Caspian Shipping Company protection is required. He noted that for 15 years he had sailed on various ships.

“If employment for me is impossible, I ask the President to deprive me of Azerbaijani citizenship,” Hasanov says.

Yeni Musavat has published an article entitled Pressure on AZN Strengthens, in which experts estimate the position of the national currency. They believe the situation is critical, as it is impossible to maintain the current rate of AZN until the end of the year. On the other hand, AZN expects a new sharp devaluation. Experts believe it is necessary to take measures to prevent this process. Now the dollar is worth 1.56 AZN, but it will rise to 1.70.

According to the expert Akram Hasanli, if the Financial Markets Control House takes the proper action, this difference can be reduced a little. If, however, measures are not taken, the dollar could rise to 2 AZN.

The expert Gubad Ibadoglu also believes the situation of AZN is getting worse. According to him, during the year the sale of oil and revenues from the non-oil sector will amount to 7-8 billion dollars, which will not cover the foreign exchange earnings.

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