Press Review 11/12/15

Official newspapers write about the visit of President Ilham Aliyev to the military camp of Air Force.

Azadlyg writes that the border guards due to the MNS case have been given serious instructions not to let people of Eldar Mahmudov, the former Minister of National Security, discharged from MNS, out of the country.

An Iranian MP from South Azerbaijan Mehdi Isazadeh demands punishment of those who offended Iranian Azerbaijanis on local television. The MP believes that simple apology will not be enough.

Administrative detention of three members of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party in Sheki on November 10 was sanctioned by the local court at 23:00 on November 11. They were arrested for four days.

The newspaper writes that several human rights activists have prepared an updated list of political prisoners.

20 years ago, the Constitution of Azerbaijan was adopted. During this period, almost all of its articles have undergone a change. Experts call it a lack of justice and democracy.

The newspaper reports that on November 7, citizens of the country purchased 94 million USD just in one day. Experts say that at risk are not only the deposits, but the entire banking system.

Express writes that with the onset of cold weather once again rises the question of deaths from carbon monoxide.

The Ministry of Education made a decision, according to which not only students of state-run departments in high schools, but also students of paid departments will receive scholarships.

Echo writes that the contribution of migrants to Azerbaijan's budget is 4 million manat per year. Taking into account the shadow economy, the real figure is several times higher.

Experts believe that if new devaluation happens in Azerbaijan, it will lead to a social explosion.

Bizim Yol reports on the statement by US prosecutors that money stolen by hackers from banks is laundered in Baku and Cyprus.

Yeni Musavat writes that the Russian side has detained a ship in the Caspian Sea, which was carrying the wealth of Ziya Mammadov - 17 tons of money.

The newspaper writes that the former chief of MNS Eldar Mahmudov is under house arrest, while his entourage is being arrested. Law enforcement agencies are looking for a trace to the money looted by this gang.

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