Press Review 29.10.2016

The rating of  "Doing Business-2017" report, increasing the value of the dollar, the reasons for not applying the income statement, the threat of landslides, the lives of people are the leading topics of today's press.

"Azerbaijan" newspaper writes about the successful implementation of reforms that serve the comprehensive development of the country. The author pays attention to the World Bank report "Doing Business 2017", in which Azerbaijan ranks the 65th  among 119 countries of the world. The article also refers to the development of the industry, especially in the regions of the country.

Website "Azadlıqinfo" talks about the dollar hype with an expert Samir Aliyev, which focuses on the rise in price of the dollar at the central bank auctions.

The expert cites data according to which 26 banks now sell the US currency for 1.70 and higher. Behind the events are fundamental questions, one of which is a small amount of currency entering the country.

"Echo" publishes the article entitled: "Volume of Friendship market in Azerbaijan appreciated the billions." The Azerbaijani expert community began discussing the idea of ​​imposing a tax on the "debt to another." After the country  adopts  a declaration of income, and a declaration of expenditures, millions, and even billion will come out of the shadow.

Nominal turnover of the market under the name "borrowed from a friend," including the shadow economy, estimated at  about $30 billion. Otherwise, this phenomenon can be called "corruption capacity".

In Russia, it is estimated at $300 billion. In 2005, Azerbaijan adopted the law "On the declaration of income of public officials", which entered into force in 2006. But despite the fact that since then, it took more than 10 years, the declaration form has not been approved. And the reasons for the delay is not reported.

"Bizim Yol" writes about the recent increase in landslides and serious danger to human lives. In some places under the threat of roads and settlements. The danger will increase, because now the rainy season. In Azerbaijan there are more than 100 landslide areas. Today, in the mountainous part of Shirvan in more than 70 settlements, where 43,500 people live, there are landslides.

In the Ismayilli region more than 40 settlements with a population of 20.000 people are also in the landslide zone. The situation is similar in Shamakhi region, as well as in a number of districts of Baku, where there is a landslide zone, such as Zikh Highway, covering an area of ​​4 hectares.

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