Press Review 9 February 2018

The official nomination of Ilham Aliyev for the next presidential term at the 6th congress of the ruling party, the absence of equal conditions for all political forces wishing to participate in elections, and high prices in the country are the leading topics of today's press.

The website writes about the VI congress of the ruling party, at which Ilham Aliyev was nominated as a candidate for the next presidential term. Extraordinary elections are commented by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Ses, Bahruz Guliyev. He asserts that the nomination of Ilham Aliyev is the will of the people.

The website discusses the decision to hold extraordinary presidential elections. The author claims that the attitude towards the elections has somewhat worsened after this decision, and the foreign press writes that the authorities are preparing for a new show.

The Yeni Musavat newspaper writes that prices do not fall, despite the increase in the production of vegetables and fruits. It seems that the number of greenhouses has increased, but a kilogram of fruit and vegetables does not fall below 2 manat. At the same time, the author reminds that it is impossible to ignore the low purchasing capacity of the consumers. -0 ----

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