Rüfət Səfərov

Rüfət Səfərov

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: The Khazar district prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the complaint of the convicted Rufat Safarov to torture in jail N 9, according to his lawyer Bahruz Bayramov. The defense states that Safarov was tortured by the warders of the jail, and then was imprisoned in a punishment cell for ten days on September 22. This happened after he went on a hunger strike, protesting against violations of their rights in this jail. In this regard, the lawyer asked the prosecutor's office to investigate the facts of torture and inhuman treatment of Safarov.

A representative of the prosecutor's office visited the jail and took testimony from Safarov.

* R. Safarov was an investigator of the Zardab district prosecutor's office. On December 20, 2015, he made a statement on lawlessness in law enforcement and resigned. In late December of the same year, a lawsuit was filed against Safarov on charges of taking bribes. In September 2016, the Lankaran Court for Serious Crimes condemned Safarov for 9 years of imprisonment.

Rufat Safarov is the son of Eldar Sabiroglu, a former deputy from NAP, and former head of the press service of the Defense Ministry.-05B06-

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