Representatives of the Ombudswoman visited G.Bayramli, A.Mukhtarly and A.Orujev in the pre-trial detention center

Baku / 14.07.17 / Turan: Members of the National Preventive Group for the Prevention of Torture under the Azerbaijani Ombudswoman visited the Kurdahan jail, where they met with the oppositionist Geyzal Bayramli, journalist Afgan Mukhtarly and the director of Internet TV "Channel-13" Aziz Orujov. According to the press service of the ombudsman's office, the visit was sudden without prior notification to the administration. It is reported that the representatives of the Ombudswoman talked with Bayramly, Mukhtarly, Orujov and other prisoners in a confidential atmosphere. The persons accepted by the representatives of the Ombudswoman did not complain about the treatment with them. Some expressed dissatisfaction with the course of the investigation against them. Each of these persons was provided with legal advice, examined documents, clarified the requirements of legislation. "The appeals addressed to the Ombudsman were accepted, some appeals were provided on the spot," the press release said. As a result of the visit, appeals will be sent to the relevant structures. Earlier, lawyers of Bayramly, Mukhtarly and Orudjov reported violations of their rights in pre-trial detention centers, poor conditions of detention, and not providing them with quality medical care.-05D06--

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