Suicide Mirtahir Mursalov Was Mentally Ill - MIA

The Ministry of Internal Affairs denies media reports that the police in the Jalilabad region had ignored complaints from Mirtahir Mursalov, who committed self-immolation.

In a statement, the chief of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Orkhan Mansurzadeh said that during the period from 2014 Mursalov appealed to the police and the prosecutor's office four times and "all his statements were reviewed and decisions corresponding to the relevant legislation were taken."

MIA also refuted the assertion that Mursalov was a veteran of January 20 and the Karabakh war. Even while serving in the Soviet Army, he was declared unfit and sent to the reserve.

On May 19 Mursalov came to the police and said that he was beaten by several people. He was asked to write a statement, but he refused. The Interior Ministry denies the statements of Mursalov’s relatives that local law enforcement agencies put pressure on them.

MIA also notes that since 1987 Mursalov was 6 times prosecuted for robbery, hooliganism and other crimes. In 2005, when he was last convicted, the court decided on his compulsory treatment. Since 2001 he was registered as a mentally ill person.

Recall that Mursalov’s relatives claimed that he was driven to suicide as the authorities ignored his complaints about the violation of his rights. -06D-

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