The authorities Salyan ignore the problems of flood victims

The flood victims in Salyan region do not receive the promised government assistance. "Last time the commission of the Ministry  of Emergency Situations inspected 200 houses in March this year, and promised to help the owners of 150 homes, but nothing was done," said Emil Mammadov, the  local human rights activist and head of the NGO "For Democracy".

Local authorities explain the pause in elimination  consequences of the flood by the changes in executive power, which eliminated departments for emergencies. However, these changes can not justify not helping many victims who have not been able to restore adequate housing.

In 2010-2011, 200 houses were built, and this year  only  two houses are being built.

"People often ask "Where did the money go?", and no one knows on what half a billion manta were spent,  taking into account that the amount of work in a flood zone is very small.

The human rights activist also said that after the meeting of Ali Hasanov, the head of socio-political department of the Presidential Administration, with civil society on July 2, local authorities stopped the contact with NGOs. Under such  situation, civil society activists can do little to reduce

growing social tension, Mammadov said.

* AS a result of  flood in May 2010, more than 100 hectares of land and 20,000 homes in eight  districts were flooded. Over two years the government has allocated 0.5 billion manat for elimination the consequences of the flood. Funds were spent, but the tasks are not satisfied. In Salyan  region about 500 families need help.

Ecologic  organizations have concluded that the flooding was caused by mismanagement of the water balance of the river  by the state.

Headquarters of the civil society "Kura", which was created by a number of NGOs and the media after the flood, revealed significant cases of corruption and embezzlement of funds by officials. Activists were and still are  persecuted.—0—


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