The Court of Appeal dismisses the appeal of  Thale Bagirzade

Baku Court of Appeal dismissed the complaint of Thale Bagirzade, leader of the Movement "Muslim unity" on the refusal to release him under house arrest, said his lawyer Javad Javadov.  The preliminary investigation  in the case of  Bagirzade  is coming to end. This week his has been convicted under  new charges: Article 120 (deliberate murder) and 29.120 (attempt to murder) of the Criminal Code. In particular Bagirzade  is charged with involvement in the killing and wounding  police officers during a special operation in  the village of Nardaran on November 26, 2015. In addition, Bagirzade  is accused under the  Article 228 (illegal possession of weapons.) Earlier he was accused  of the preparation of mass disorders, attempt to seize power, the creation of illegal groups, public appeals against the state, resisting arrest, for which he  can  be sentenced to life imprisonment.—06D--

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