Press Review 05.21.16

The trip of President Ilham Aliyev in April to the frontline zone, the attitude to the act of amnesty  adopted by the Milli Majlis, the possibility of the development of the country's medium-sized businesses, the current economic situation in the country – are the leading  themes in today's press.

Official "Azerbaijan" newspaper published an article on the visit of President Ilham Aliyev in the Agdam region after the April hostilities. There he got acquainted with the houses ruined by the Armenian shells. The newspaper cites statements of the inhabitants impressed by the of the visit of President  and the faith that inspired them.

"Azadlig" writes about amnesty  adopted  by the Milli Mejlis yesterday,  and  condemns the fact that it   is not applied to  the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.  They chose the articles, which are not applied to innocent people, the newspaper said. The international community demands from the Azerbaijani authorities to release political prisoners. The newspaper requires a fair application of the amnesty.

"New time" talks about the future of medium-sized enterprises in Azerbaijan. During the years of the oil boom in the country was not created a full-fledged small and medium business, which gives the economy the stability and allows to overcome disasters. No conditions were created for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, and on the contrary, strongly prevented it.

International organizations say that Azerbaijan for small and medium-sized businesses is  10% of GDP. A couple of years ago, officially was called the figure of more than 23%, but independent experts believe that its share  is only 3% of GDP.

According to World Bank, the share of small and medium-sized businesses in the export is 10%. Thus, during the oil boom of the authorities thought about anything, but not about a healthy and sustainable economy.

Much was spoken on the top level about the fight against monopolies. But the fundamental principle of the functioning of the Azerbaijani economy is to serve the interests of only a small handful of monopolists and oligarchs, representing members of the government and their relatives.

Under such a situation, is there any chance to overcoming the economic crisis and to ensure the country's prosperity?

 "Bizim Yol" presents the speech by the deputy Vahid Ahmedov at the meeting of committee on economic policy,  that the banking system on the brink of collapse. Legal or physical persons cannot receive  loans, because the interest rates are high and citizens are unable to pay them.

MP presented a package of proposals, and is waiting for a response.

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