The lawyer denies reports on the deal of the head of AMAY with the investigation

Reports that the head of the group of companies AMAY Abdulla Abdullayev, will be released from custody in exchange for testimony against the former head of the "International Bank" Jahangir Hajiyev  are unfounded, according to the lawyer Osman Kazimov. He said that if the authorities want to arrest Hajiyev, they can find a lot of reasons,  and do not need testimony  from Abdullayev.

On the other hand, those who spread such rumors, poor know Abdullayev well, he will never  blackmail   anyone.

The lawyer  could not answer the question when the trial in the case of Abdullayev will continue, assuming that this will happen after the European Games.

Abdullayev has been under arrest since April 201 . He is accused of fraud, misappropriation of public funds, money laundering, abuse of power, and a number of other economic crimes. He denies all the charges. -05B06-

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