Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/10.06.21/Turan: Special buses provided by the Baku Transport Agency will transport fans to and from the Olympic Stadium during matches of the Euro 2020 Football Championship in Baku. A BTA report says that ticket holders for the matches will be able to go to the stadium on the following routes: X-1 (from the "Sevinj" cinema near Gara Garayev metro station) and X-2 (from 28 May metro station, D. Aliyeva str.).

The bus departure time is 3 hours before the start of the matches. Travel is free.

Note that foreign fans will be able to get to the stadium using P21 and P22 routes.

P21, buses will depart from "Deniz Mol" (H. R. Ulutyurk str.), and P22-from the White City to the Olympic Stadium and back.

In turn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that owners of private cars will not be able to use them and have to use public transport.

The information added that the Baku Olympic Stadium and the surrounding area have been taken under full control by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also, necessary security measures are being taken.

It should be reminded that earlier, during international matches at the Baku Olympic Stadium, many fans expressed dissatisfaction with restrictions imposed by the police. So, law enforcement officers under the pretext of preventing pandemonium, after the matches blocked one of the main exits that caused a large stampede. To leave the stadium, the fans had to make a kilometer-long circle. These restrictions have alienated many fans from the Olympic Stadium who have announced on social media that they will boycott the stadium until the police stop these restrictions.

The author of these lines happened to visit a match of "Atletico" in Madrid at the Stadio Metropolitano. According to its design, as well as its location, it is the "twin brother" of the Baku Olympic Stadium. After the game, the police did not impose any restrictions, and fans freely left the stadium from exits they found more comfortable.

Hopefully, the police will take previous complaints into account and draw appropriate conclusions. –71D-


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