The prosecutor proposes to sentence blogger Lapshin to 6.5 years of imprisonment

Baku/14.07.17/Turan: The final hearing of the state prosecutor took place on July 14 at the Baku Serious Crimes Court at the trial of blogger Alexander Lapshin. He proposed that Lapshin be found guilty according to 281.2 (public appeals directed against the state) and 318.2 (illegal crossing of the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and sentenced to 6.5 years of imprisonment with serving a sentence in a general regime jail. Prosecutor Nasir Bayramov noted, during the preliminary investigation Lapshin pleaded guilty in part under Article 318.2 and disagreed with the charge under Article 281.2. In court, he denied the charges on both counts.

However, in the opinion of the state prosecutor, during the preliminary and judicial investigation, Lapshin's fault was fully proved by the testimony of witnesses, expert opinions, and operational search data.

A prosecutor noted in April 2011 and in October 2012 he visited the occupied territories, illegally crossing the state border of Azerbaijan.

On his website http//puerrtto/livejournal.comLapshin published materials for the purpose of propaganda at the international level of the illegal regime created in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, representing Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent state.

In addition, in his appeals of April 6 and June 29, 2016, while supporting the "independence" of the regime illegally functioning in the occupied territories, Lapshin made public appeals aimed at violating the internationally recognized territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The prosecution believes that Lapshin's visits to the occupied territories were planned, and he committed criminal acts as part of an organized group. Thus, he illegally crossed the Azerbaijani border in Lachin and Kelbajar regions respectively, respectively, 2 and 4 persons. In addition, he met with officials of the illegally established regime, planned his route of movement in the occupied territories. In his publications, Lapshin repeatedly used the expressions "NKR" without much need, although he said in court that he represented Nagorno-Karabakh as a geographical territory.

At the same time, the prosecutor noted the absence of aggravating circumstances in the Lapshin case. At the same time, as an extenuating circumstance, he indicated the presence of a young child in a blogger. The judge appointed the next meeting, at which the defense will deliver a closing speech at 2.30 pm on 19 July. Lawyer Lapshin Eduard Chernin, commenting on the request of Turan, the prosecutor's speech said that the defense does not agree with the state prosecutor. He stressed that the defense would ask for an acquittal.

According to the lawyer, there is no crime in Lapshin's actions. -06C-

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